Already 2684 views on YouTube

The demo video posted on Youtube Sintonía informativos has already received 2684 views. It is closely followed with 1923 the video of Children’s Songs published in San Pablo Multimedia. Thank you very much to all of you.

El Planeta Sonoro

I have published a music education project for primary school consisting of six books for the student and six guides for the teacher, with their corresponding activity booklets.

Children’s Songs

This is a small sample of children’s songs composed and produced for El Planeta Sonoro. The songs are a precious tool to “musicalize” the child through the internalization and expression of the elements of musical language.

El Vals del Vampiro

The vampires dance in the great hall. The full moon covers the room. The musicians play a grotesque melody, while a shiver runs down the back of your neck. Haha, Haha, hahaaaa!!

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