Woman (by Aarón Vivancos)

All the strength that fits on a stage

21 March, 2022
Woman (by Aarón Vivancos)
Gonzalo García Santos

WOMAN is the first show of Aarón Vivancos’ production company. This multidisciplinary work is the union of different forces, as it combines interpretive dance with avant-garde flamenco, dramaturgy, great audiovisual effects and music in the purest style of the great movie soundtracks.

The music has been composed jointly by Aarón Vivancos and Gonzalo García Santos, who made the arrangements and programming. The orchestration and orchestral direction was in charge of Claudio Ianni, orchestrator of many Spanish cinema films, and the mixes of Luis del Toro, sound engineer of musical and film productions winner of numerous national and international awards. The orchestral part was recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, interpreter of many film soundtracks.

In this show the historical power of women is the leitmotiv and, through 7 acts, presents a reflection of situations that many women have experienced at different times in their lives. We will all identify with a story that makes of her own recognition a spectacle.

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