Los Figurantes by Jose Sanchis. Re-performance at the Teatro Real Carlos III in Aranjuez

The company Teatro del Corso, directed by Delfín Estévez and Maria José Gil, performed on 8 and 9 April the choral comedy by José Sanchis Sinisterra, Los Figurantes. As in the previous performance in 2018, they counted on the musical pieces composed by me to give shape to this excellent juggling metatheatre piece. Los Figurantes is part of the successful genre of “disastrous shows”, popularised by titles such as “Qué desastre de función” or -more recently- “La función que sale mal” (The show that goes wrong).The distinguishing feature of Los Figurantes compared to other pieces of the genre lies in the allegorical substratum that runs through the whole show, contributing to enrich the show’s vigorous comedy with a sharp reflection on the paradoxes of individual and collective freedom.



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