A Noir Short Film: Morguetown

Morguetown es el proyecto de un joven director en el que he trabajado componiendo la banda sonora de varias de sus obras. En su día publiqué la noticia del estreno de esta película. La película ya está en la red y tengo el placer de ofrecerla desde este blog.

Victor Reyes, film music composer

Recently, I had the honor of meeting in person one of the Spanish composers with great international projection. He was kind enough to come to the teaching center where I teach Musical Analysis and History of Music and Dance, to introduce my students to the creative work of the film musician.

Morguetown, the short film

We are already in the final stages of production of Copy Cat’s short film, “Morguetown”. Written and directed by Jorge Martija, this production, which has its own comic book version, soon to be published, takes us into a city where life and death move in shared dimensions.

Music and animation

Pilot chapter for an animated film set in the Egypt of the French mathematician Gaspard Monge who accompanied Napoleon. The animation and design is by the artist Luis López Varela. In addition to a symphonic musical soundtrack, I did the…

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