A Noir Short Film: Morguetown

Morguetown is the project of a young filmmaker with whom I worked a couple of years ago composing the musical soundtrack of several of his works. At the time I published the news of the premiere of this short film. The film is already on the net and I am pleased to offer it from this blog for the entertainment of those who would like to watch it.
With a 40’s film noir aesthetic, the story will take an unexpected turn that will leave the viewer impatient to know its continuation.
The music, therefore, tries to approach the echoes of composers like Adolph Deutsch (The Maltese Falcon-Huston) or Max Steiner (The big sleep-Hawks) among others.

The project was planned to be a series of twelve chapters. In fact, the comic book version came out, which did not detract at all from the dark atmosphere of the film version.


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