Another opportunity to see La Paz de Aristophanes

The winning play of several theater awards granted by the Universidad Carlos III, La Paz de Aristophanes, the Musical, will be brought back to the stage. This time at the Carmen Conde Theater in Majadahonda, (Plaza de Colón s/n) on June 28th at 8:00 pm. Tickets can be booked at: Admission is free.

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SYNOPSIS: Trigeo, a Greek citizen, is tired of war dominating the world and decides to go up to ask the gods for their laziness. On Olympus he finds that the gods have fled and have left everything in the hands of War and Peace locked in a cave. With the help of an ill-advised chorus, Trigeo undertakes the task of bringing Peace back to life. Will he succeed?

CB Theater. Cultural Association attached to the IES Carlos Bousoño of Majadahonda.

Version: Francisco Nieva- Hitos Hurtado

Incidental music and songs: Gonzalo Gª Santos


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