Una Tarde de Teatro, selected for the UC3M Awards

Once again we have been selected to participate in the Certamen de Teatro de Secundario that for six consecutive years has been organized by the Carlos III University of Madrid. This year we presented “Una tarde de teatro”. The text of Hitos Hurtado links three entremeses by Miguel de Cervantes through a storyline that recreates an afternoon of theater in a corral of comedies in the same time of Cervantes. Original exercise of metatheater, where a theater is staged with its “cazuela” and live musicians who play incidental music and accompany the songs of the characters. I composed the music recreating, with some freedom, the rhythms and harmonies of Spanish music of the Renaissance and Spanish Baroque. The Chacona, the seguidilla, and even the Tarantella spice up the theatrical party we propose.

Last year we won the Primer Premio with “La Paz de Aristófanes, el Musical”, in addition to the Award for Male Interpretation to Manuel Pico, and the Award for Musical Dramaturgy to yours truly, as well as a mention for Interpretation to Pilar Díaz.


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