Premiere at the Conde Duque: “Sangre para la libertad”

On Tuesday January 24 and Wednesday January 25 the dramatized reading Sangre para la libertad, directed by Hitos Hurtado and text by Ignasi García Barba, will premiere at the Conde Duque theater in Madrid. The music and sound space is composed by Gonzalo García Santos. The final song “La pálida luna” features the voice of Esther D’Andrea. Performers: Norman, Rafael del Pino; Encapuchada, Mª José Pérez; Francis, Mª Jesús Luque; Soldado, Jorge Piñero; Fugitivo, Miguel Ángel Valverde; Fugitiva, Soledad Hernández.

Within the cycle of activities of Bethune. La huella solidaria. The legacy of Dr. Bethune and the help of Canadian volunteers to the Second Republic.


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